Smart Applications Limited registered in Hong Kong would like to introduce a newly developed universal smartphone accessory, the LiichTM.

Basic features


• Hands free – FaceTimeTM, SkypeTM, TV.

• Can be attached to any smartphone or smartphone protective cover.

• Becomes part of the smartphone.

• Allows the smartphone to stand in landscape or portrait.

• Sleek, unobtrusive design.

• Bold funky colours.

• Inexpensive production.

• Ideal for mass production.


  1. Smart Applications Limited concluded the concept development and product engineering in January 2014 and has just completed the pre-production of the prototypes and would like to sell the IP to an interested party.

  2. We have the full set of design drawings as well as design and trade mark protection.

  3. Interested parties can contact Smart Applications Limited on:

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